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Why give?

For aspiring families and their children in the Bronx, the study of classical music opens young ears and eyes to a brighter future.

Children who study classical music become stronger students, more attentive listeners, more compassionate and thoughtful adults.

Music nourishes confidence, inspiration, and joy! We’re deeply committed to offering the lifelong gift of music to young people in the Bronx, and our program continues to grow.

Please join us! Your gift will help to keep instruction as affordable as possible for deserving families and budding young artists in the Bronx.

Ways to Give

Giving to the Bronx Conservatory of Music is easy and we accept many types of gifts.

Credit Card

Donations to the annual operating fund help ensure that we continue to keep lessons affordable for all of our students.

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.


Donations of instruments (new or used) enlarge our instrument library, allowing us to lend instruments to students who cannot afford them. We are seeking donations of pianos, violins, violas, cellos, basses, and classical guitars.

Please Contact Us for any instrument donations.

“There’s a lot of cultural richness here, but the borough is really drained of resources. If we want the Bronx to thrive, we have to make a commitment to change, and to stay here, and to support programs like this.”

Jorge Estrella, Parent

Donors & Partners

Thank you to Our Generous Supporters, Donors and Partners.

Our Special Thanks to Major Supporters:

The Bronx Conservatory of Music’s mission is largely possible due to the largesse of the Bronx Community College of the City University of New York. We would like to thank President Thomas Isekenegbe and everyone at BCC for their gracious and enduring support of our program and mission.

The Bronx Conservatory of Music is deeply grateful for support from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. This support has enabled us to expand our offerings to reach more students in more areas of the Bronx.

New York’s Premier Classical Music Radio Station, WQXR, helped kickstart the Bronx Conservatory’s first ever instrument library. Because of their generous gift of instruments, the Conservatory is able to provide students with instrument loans that help make lessons even more affordable for students in our program.

Help us offer a gift to last a lifetime.

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