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Celine Boulben


Celine Boulben is a violinist and music educator from Paris, France, with Romanian ancestry. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance and Pedagogy from the Bucharest National University of Music, where she studied under Stefan Gheorghiu, a prominent figure in the Romanian violin school.

A versatile performer, Celine has made appearances in various musical styles. She regularly performs at Carnegie Hall as part of the New England Symphonic Ensemble and is a member of the Albany Symphony. Celine has also held the position of concertmaster for the Prelude to Performance Orchestra at The Kaye Playhouse in New York City. In addition, she served as concertmaster for the David Phelps concert with Choir and Orchestra at Carnegie Hall. Her performances have extended to diverse stages, including the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, as well as popular Broadway shows. Celine’s musical contributions can also be heard on the soundtrack of the Netflix movie “Our Souls at Night”. 

Celine’s dedication to music education is evident in her teaching approach. She believes in a personalized approach, tailoring her instruction to suit each student’s unique learning style. Celine fosters a student-teacher relationship based on trust and effective communication. Her students have achieved notable success, several of whom have performed in Carnegie Hall as a result of competition prizes. Celine emphasizes the importance of music as a means of communication, creativity, and self-expression, enriching students’ lives through the power of music.


Years of Teaching