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Eduardo Gutterres

Eduardo Gutterres (1997) is a multi-awarded guitarist that has established himself as one of his generation’s leading musicians in Brazil. He holds a Bachelor of Music with honors from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), where he studied with Paulo Inda. In 2019, he moved to São Paulo (Brazil) after he was chosen among 200 Brazilian applicants as the Magda Tagliaferro Scholar, which is a sponsorship provided by Cultura Artística Foundation for young Brazilian musicians.

In 2021, he was accepted to the Manhattan School of Music, where he received a scholarship to pursue a Master’s Degree advised by Mark Delpriora. Most recently, Eduardo was awarded the 1st prize in the Eisenberg-Fried Concerto Competition (New York • 2022), playing the Castelnuovo Tedesco Guitar Concerto in D Major.

In partnership with the Brazilian streaming platform called ZapMusic, Gutterres is working on the production of the documentary “Guitar Around the World”, where he shows the routine of a young Brazilian in New York, studying in one of the most important music conservatories in the world. Eduardo Gutterres is endorsed by Augustine Strings and has been working intensively in duo with the guitarist Gabriele Leite, with whom he toured around Brazil during the summer of 2022.